I was struggling with being disorganized and having too much stuff into my challenging space.I found Cheryl -- Orderly Conduct – online and chose her because she mentioned that she provides non-judgmental and confidential assistance, and I am certainly happy I did. Cheryl is a very efficient person who was extremely helpful and sensitive to my needs. She analyzed my space challenges and we worked together on a system to help me stay organized and minimize the clutter. It was certainly one of the best gift I have ever given myself. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone.

Josée B.
January 2, 2014

"Cheryl is a great person to work with, she is helping me out over the past few months, and so much has changed for the best in my life. She is professional, verrry organized, fast, trustworthy, funny, just a blessing! Thanks Cheryl for all the work you've done and looking forward to continued working with you.”  Lynne, March 2014
 “You are so sweet....it is my pleasure to recommend you.  You changed my life.  It seems that I have also changed my purchasing habits and I don't buy things unless I really have a space for them.  I love to have empty shelves.”  MFG July 2014

And following up a year later:

"My studio was a super mess a few weeks ago after doing a show and this and that.  Basically, since you had everything labelled, it just took me one day to put everything back where it belongs.  So this is great.”  MFG July 2015

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